The ability to have offspring is taken for granted by most couples. However, one out of six couples around the globe has trouble conceiving a child. They often are confronted with the painful and also lonesome experience of undesired childlessness.

70 to 80% of all couples seeking help in an IVF-clinic are able to have their own child. Success rates depend on the causes of infertility and the options of treatment that are used.

Finding the clinic that is right for you
Are you looking for an IVF-clinic where personal contact and care of couples is a priority? Are you looking for an IVF-clinic where success is based on the knowledge and experience of the medical professional treating you? Are you looking for an IVF-clinic where quality standards are guaranteed by official certification and self control?
If the answer to the questions above is yes you will feel comfortable in our clinic.

On this webpage you will find information on diagnostic and therapeutic options that we offer in our clinic.