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    In addition to diagnosis and therapy, fertility treatment is accompanied by many questions. Comprehensive information material should help you to eliminate these uncertainties and to accompany you safely on the way to your desired child.


I. Medical treatment for infertility –hormone therapy

The costs for hormone therapy are covered by your health insurance. The aim of a hormontherapy is the stimulation of oocyte maturation and/or ovulation. This will increase the chance of conception during the natural intercourse to follow. The growth of the follicles can be stimulated with clomifen or gonadotropins (FSH, HMG). One can either wait for natural ovulation to occur or trigger ovulation with hCG (human Choriongonadotropin). Triggering ovulation has the advantage that the best time point for intercourse can be determined. The physician will call this “intercourse at the optimal time”. This therapy does not fall into the category of §27a SGB V.

II. Assisted reproductive techniques: Insemination, IVF, ICSI

It is of great importance to us that your wish for a child does not fail due to financial or bureaucratic boundaries. We can advise you and assist you in problems regarding health insurance. The costs may also be payed in installments. Contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

  • Public health insurance
  • Private health insurance
  • Self-payed

Private Health Insurance

The contract conditions of private health insurance companier vary greatly – Espacially if one parner is publically insured and the other one provathly clarification of cost coverage between the insurance companies involved is required. Before commencing fertility treatment it should be clear if and what

type of treatment tere private health insurance will be paying for. Questions or problems we are glad to help you.

Public Health Insurance

The publich health insurance covers 50% of the costs. The number of attempts is limited to:

  • 8 inseminations without stimulation (where applicable with clomifen)
  • 3 inseminations with hormonal stimulation (eg Gonal F, Puregon, Menogon)
  • 3 IVF-cycles
  • 3 ICSI-cycles

Conditions for a health insurance refund

  • the couple needs to be married
  • the women must be over 25 and is only allowed to be maximal 39 years of age
  • the man must be over 25 and is only allowed to be maximal 49 years of age

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Further details:

  • Before commencing therapy the health insurance requires a plan of treatment
  • If a clinical pregnancy occurs within the three IVF / ICSI attempts granted by your health insurance you are entiteled to further therapy
  • After birth of your child you are entiteled to one more infertility therapy
  • After sterilisation you can not claim infertility treatment from your health insurance
  • cryopreservation of sperm, fertilised oocytes or embryos is not part of the service catalogue of public health insurance
  • Both partners must be HIV-negativ

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Information session

Our information session allows you to get to know our office without any commitment. In this evening session we first give you a short introduction into the field of undesired childlessness and In Vitro Fertilization. Then there will be time for your questions and concerns as well as logistic informations. Registration can be done by phone, mail, fax or email.

Dates for the next sessions (thursdays 8 p.m. – 9:30 p.m):

18. july 2024 – online

12. september 2024 – online

14. november 2024 – online

Partners of Cooperation

Dr. med. Jutta Hohenadel
Clara-Zetkin-Str. 15, 72074 Tübingen
Tel.: 0178 8980571

Andrologicum München Prof. Dr. med. Frank-Michael Köhn
Facharzt für Haut- und Geschlechtskrankheiten, Allergologie und Andrologie
Burgstr. 7, 80331 München
Tel.: 089 29160655, Fax: 089 29160677
info@andrologicum.com, www.adrologicum.com

Human genetics
Institut für Medizinische Genetik und angewandte Genomik Tübingen,  Prof. Dr. Olaf Rieß
Calwerstr. 7, 72076 Tübingen
Tel.: 07071 29-72288, Fax: 07071 29-5171

Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine
Dr. med. Wolfgang Banzhaf
Hagellocher Weg 63, 72070 Tübingen
Tel.: 0160 94918305
dr.banzhaf@banzhaf-tuebingen.de; www.banzhaf-tuebingen.de

Laborärzte Sindelfingen
Nüßstraße 5, 71065 Sindelfingen
info@laboraerzte-sifi.de, www.laboraerzte-sifi.de


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kinderwunschberatung – BKiD
Tel.: 06221 346 2221
info@bkid.de, www.bkid.de

gimaro*, Praxis für systemische Beratung und Therapie
Kelternstraße 20, 72070 Tübingen
Tel.: 07071 5 666 466
info@praxis-gimaro.de, www.praxis-gimaro.de

Monika Helber, Psychologische Beratung für Einzelne und Paare
Lilly-Zapf-Str. 2, 72072 Tübingen Tel.: 07071 9773092
oder Landhausstr. 78 in Stuttgart Tel.: 0711 2847240

Franziska Ferber, Kindersehnsucht
Schlörstrasse 1 (Kitchen2Soul), 80634 München (Neuhausen)
Tel.: 089380 788 16 oder 0179 53 00 933
franziska.ferber@kindersehnsucht.de, www.kindersehnsucht.de

Hans-Günther-Sohl-Straße 5, 40235 Düsseldorf

KinderwunschBank KBG GmbH & Co. KG
Hagellocher Weg 63, 72070 Tübingen
Tel. 07071 94 663 40
info@kinderwunschbank.com, www.kinderwunschbank.com

Dr. med. Bernhard Müller
Kaiserstr. 24, 72764 Reutlingen
Tel.: 07121 329076, Fax: 07121 329292

Prof. Dr. Gunther Mielke Privatarzt
Jahnstraße 6, 70597 Stuttgart-Degerloch
Tel.: 0711 7827993, Fax: 0711 7827994
info@mielke-praxis.de, www.mielke-praxis.de

Feindiagnostik Nürtingen Dres. med. Annette Philippi, Isabel Wallrafen, Sibylle Haase
Ludwigstr. 11,  72622 Nürtingen
Tel.: 07022/218397-0
Fax: 07022/218397-22
info@feindiagnostik-nuertingen.de, www.feindiagnostik-nuertingen.de

Prof. Dr. Gunther Mielke Privatarzt
Richard-Wagner-Str. 11, 70184 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711 7827993, Fax: 0711 7827994
info@mielke-praxis.de, www.mielke-praxis.de

Sperm banks
Erlanger Samenbank Dr. Andreas Hammel
Nägelsbachstrasse 12, 91052 Erlangen
Tel.: 09131 898411, Fax: 09131 205410
info@erlanger-samenbank.de, www.erlanger-samenbank.de

Cryostore* Deutschland GmbH Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Katzorke
Akazienalle 8 -12, 45127 Essen
Tel.: 0201 2942934, Fax: 0201 2942968
info@cryostore.de, www.cryostore.de

Dr. med Benjamin Gläser, Facharzt für Urologie
Urologie an der Achalm
In Laisen 11, 72766 Reutlingen
Tel.: 07121 1450850

Service for Physicians


Consultation and conjoint treatment in case of hormone dysfunction as well as fertility therapy
In cooperation with you the treatment of the patient will take place. Once the couple had been in our clinic for their first consultation you will receive a letter promptly about our recommendation on therapy. Also, we will send you a copy of the therapy schedule allowing you and us to look after the patient intermittently for example for ultrasound or hormone checkups.
In order to involve you, the treating physician, the best we can it requires an active information exchange. You will be constantly informed about the infertility treatment. If you wish to guide your patients through cycle monitoring on your own you will obtain an ultrasound form to pass the ultrasound results on to us (endometrium, number of follicles and their size).
We will inform you about further management by fax or also by phone. If further medication is required we also offer that we will write prescription so you do not put too much strain on your budget.

Interpretation of hormone results and a therapy suggestion
Your can send us the hormone results by eMail, fax or phone and we support you in their interpretation. On request you will also obtain a therapy suggestion.

After consultation hours we offer a contstant availability to you by mobile phone: +49 (0)172-7762167

Billing support

Billing support, refund of ultrasound for assisted reproductive techniques
Naturally we are going to refund the ultrasounds that you performed. The respective billing form will be sent to you together with the therapy schedule.
This is regarding the following therapies:

  • Insemination
  • Donor / heterologons Insemnation
  • IVF/ICSI-Therapy
  • Cryotransfer

Unfortunately all other stimulation therapies can not be refunded as therefore the patients health insurance needs to be charged. For further inquiries just contact us.

Further information will also be available before noon on +49 (0)7071 – 94 663-0 or by eMail: info@kinderwunschpraxis.com

Further Training

Further Training

Several times during the year we offer further training on current issues, which we will register for certification with the medical association. Also, we regularly offer further training for non-medical staff.

Current quality circles:

  • Tübingen
  • Donaueschingen

Are you interested in establishing a quality circle?
Please contact Dr. Ulrich Göhring: info@kinderwunschpraxis.com


For Patients

Absence of doctors

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Frau Dr. Larissa Thiel
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Frau Dr. Anke Schweizer
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