Donor Insemination, IVF or ICSI with Donor sperm

If, in the case of a severely limited spermiogram, all available options – inseminations, ICSI therapy, testicular biopsy – have been unsuccessful or are not desired for any reason, it is possible to use frozen sperm from special sperm banks (donor sperm) for a therapy.

Unfortunately, donor sperm therapies are not included in the services provided by health insurance companies. Before commencing a therapy, couples commission the sperm bank to provide donor sperm. A suitable donor who

resembles the partner in height, stature, nationality, hair and eye colour and matches in blood type is then selected. The donor sperm is then sent to our practice frozen in liquid nitrogen. Prior to this, the donor has been extensively screened for infectious diseases. Our experience shows that couples who have chosen this path are very happy about their decision afterwards. We are also able to help female homosexual couples achieve pregnancy using donor sperm.