Embryoscope +

The Embryoscope + is an incubator equipped with a camera that allows undisturbed monitoring of embryo development. With continuous rather than static analysis, the Embryoscope + creates optimal culture conditions fort he embryos. At regular intervals (every 10 minutes), each embryo is photographed without having to be removed from the incubator. Thus, they remain protected in the stable and warm environment of the Embryoscope + for the entire cultivation period.

The embryos can be monitored over a period of 5-6 days and individually assessed according to various criteria such as division rate and cell number. In

addition, state-of-the-art software monitors the embryos almost without interruption, providing additional feedback for the laboratory staff to use as part of their assessment. This allows the selection of the best developed embryos for transfer. These ideal selection options combined with undisturbed cultivation lead to improved pregnancy rates.
Our practice has two Embryoscope + which each have room for 15 patients and all their embryos. Thus, many of our patients can benefit from the monitoring of embryonic development.