Service for Physicians


Consultation and conjoint treatment in case of hormone dysfunction as well as fertility therapy
In cooperation with you the treatment of the patient will take place. Once the couple had been in our clinic for their first consultation you will receive a letter promptly about our recommendation on therapy. Also, we will send you a copy of the therapy schedule allowing you and us to look after the patient intermittently for example for ultrasound or hormone checkups.
In order to involve you, the treating physician, the best we can it requires an active information exchange. You will be constantly informed about the infertility treatment. If you wish to guide your patients through cycle monitoring on your own you will obtain an ultrasound form to pass the ultrasound results on to us (endometrium, number of follicles and their size).
We will inform you about further management by fax or also by phone. If further medication is required we also offer that we will write prescription so you do not put too much strain on your budget.

Interpretation of hormone results and a therapy suggestion
Your can send us the hormone results by eMail, fax or phone and we support you in their interpretation. On request you will also obtain a therapy suggestion.

After consultation hours we offer a contstant availability to you by mobile phone: +49 (0)172-7762167

Billing support

Billing support, refund of ultrasound for assisted reproductive techniques
Naturally we are going to refund the ultrasounds that you performed. The respective billing form will be sent to you together with the therapy schedule.
This is regarding the following therapies:

  • Insemination
  • Donor / heterologons Insemnation
  • IVF/ICSI-Therapy
  • Cryotransfer

Unfortunately all other stimulation therapies can not be refunded as therefore the patients health insurance needs to be charged. For further inquiries just contact us.

Further information will also be available before noon on +49 (0)7071 – 94 663-0 or by eMail:

Further Training

Further Training

Several times during the year we offer further training on current issues, which we will register for certification with the medical association. Also, we regularly offer further training for non-medical staff.

Current quality circles:

  • Tübingen
  • Donaueschingen

Are you interested in establishing a quality circle?
Please contact Dr. Ulrich Göhring: