DNA Fragmentation Test

A variety of factors can lead to strand breaks (fragmentations) in the DNA of sperm. With the help of the DNA fragmentation test (halosperm test), your sperm can be examined for DNA damage by using a special staining method. During the procedure, the sperm are treated and stained so that the chromosomal DNA unfolds and wraps around the sperm head in the form of loops (a halo). In sperm with fragmented, i.e. broken DNA, these loops do not form or only form very

weakly. Therefore, no halo is seen.
The most important factor to be taken into account from this test, is the „DNA Fragmentation Index“ (DFI). The higher this index, the lower the probability of natural fertilization and thus pregnancy and birth. The result provides the doctor detailed information about sperm quality, and supports selection of the appropriate treatment method (insemination, IVF or ICSI).